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What is Simhela Platform?

Simhela is an enterprise payments router that facilitates simple, realtime bulk funds transfers to and from a business's existing m-money, bank & sacco accounts, all while maintaining a strong authorization chain, and providing a single payment interface for its customers.

Why an Enterprise Payments Platform?

Financial Variety

Customers, Employees & Suppliers have different financial arrangements, some use banks, others mobile money like MPesa. This variety, if unmanaged, creates complexity for the business with regards to funds transfers and inconveniences parties, while increasing transaction delay.

The Simhela Platform changes this model, allowing businesses to send funds to and receive funds from individuals or entities, without giving a thought to their financial arrangements - Simhela will route the payments accordingly - thereby eliminating the leakage of financial information and the complexity that comes with managing it.

Simple & Powerful

Businesses are looking to simplify their operations. With the Unified Payments Management (UPM) Web & Android Appications, managing funds transfers is as simple as using a social site. By leveraging mobility technologies, we give companies the flexibility of having a mobile workforce while still being productive.

The power to create account hierarchies complete with authorization structures is given to the company. This allows one to structure their finances in accordance with their business requirements instead of trying to fit into a generic payments model. A company could have a Sales Account, with its own authorization structures - and also have a Regional Sales Account for a sales demographic under it. This allows for easy management of movement of funds and their authorizations.

Strong Authorization

Funds transfers should have strict controls placed upon them. Simhela Platform allows businesses to set up authorization chains and rules upon their financial accounts - by doing this, movement of funds would have to be authorized by the designated persons (can be several) for the system to effect the transfer.

This allows for setting up customized rules to handle different business accounts, for example, the Procurement Account funds can only be transferred to another account if more than 50% of the 10 member procurement committee agrees to the transfer. These members would all be notified of impending transfers via the UPM Web portal or Android App in realtime and would be able to vote in place, while allowing veto powers to say 2 Chief Level Executives.


Transfer Funds

Simhela Platform provides simple, seamless & authorized funds transfers.

Simhela not only provides a means to securely & efficiently transfer funds, it offers rich collaboration features. This makes Simhela as simple to use as a social site, but for financial transactions - akin to a CMS for financial transactions. Account managers can share documents pertinent to a transaction, discuss in-line regarding the transaction and effect transfers and their authorizations right from the UPM interfaces.

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Receive Funds

Simhela Platform helps businesses avoid mixing of monies for different purposes or administrative units, whilst still presenting its customers with a singular payment interface - thereby shielding the customer from the businesses' internal financial processes.

Custom rules can be specified for Simhela to use to determine where to route the funds. For instance, amounts greater than USD 100,000 can be transferred to the Large Enterprises Account, transfers with certain character patterns in the transaction narrative can be routed to the Customer Subscriptions Account and a payment notification fired to the corporate ERP to record the bill payment in realtime.

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Unified Financial Reports & Insights

Simhela Platform provides a singular view of all transactions, regardless of provider, be it bank or m-money.

In addition to a myriad of reports provided by the Simhela Platform, businesses can create custom reports which can span across the various payment instruments. This allows a business to have a holistic view of all its financial transactions thereby being in a better position to visualize trends.

As an additional value-add, Simhela Platform provides an analytics engine which would allow businesses to create analytics models to discover hidden insights in the transactions they conduct.

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Payments Network

User profiles: Business staff can have user account profiles which would include their account rights and spaces (business unit e.g. Sales, Procurement Committee) they belong to.

Connections: Connect with your team, share documents, initiate funds transfers and vote for or veto funds transfers emanating from your team or space.

Activity Streams: Have the ability to review present and past interractions from the unified timeline. This allows for auditing of actions, which include transfer discussions, shared documents and payments authorizations and veto history


Spaces: Create collaboration workspaces for teams or projects or business administrative units where you can share documents, tasks, events, transfer requests and group authorizations & vetos. Spaces administrators can manage members and the capabilities that are available.

Transfer Thread: members of a space responsible for a Financial Account can institute funds transfer discussions - which will be maintained in an ordered thread allowing for members to express their sentiments & eventually vote whether to effect the transfer.

Discussions & Sharing: Aid in the decision making process by having access to all the documents necessary within the space, so context is not lost. Space members can discuss line items in an attached invoice and interrogate dates and amounts, all from within their workspaces.

Tracing & Auditing

Auditing: Audit all incoming and outgoing payment transactions, with full access to authorizations applied to effect the transfers..

Tracing: Select a payment facet for chronological analysis. For instance, view a customers' payment history and see where each payment was routed to.

Unified Search : Search any type of content using a single interface, including documents, events, tasks, authorizations and vetos. Any content can be found with the clear and powerful search application. A quick search-ahead helper field shows the most relevant results and a more advanced search with advanced filtering lets you go further.


Standing Orders: Place standing orders either with pre-authorization or execution-time authorization. This allows for scheduled movement of funds for either a particular instance or perpetually depending on the setup of the standing order.

Payment Alerts: The system can raise an alert to spaces members whenever an expected incoming payment at a future date is not received by that time. This is similar to a standing order but for incoming funds, not outward transfer of funds.


Simhela Platform is available in many languages and new ones are regularly added to latest releases. We are committed to translating the platform into different languages.

If you would like the Simhela Platform be translated into your language, feel free to contact us below with your request and we'll get back to you.


Realtime Notifications: Notify external 3rd party applications & web services regarding Account events such as incoming and outgoing funds transfers in realtime.

APIs: A rich JSON & XML Web Services API set that allows 3rd parties to tailor make their solutions to integrate seamlessly with the Simhela Platform.

Bulk Transactions

Distribution Lists: Create distribution lists composed of individuals and entities sharing common characteristics e.g. Salesmen, Cleaners - this way it becomes easy to send funds in bulk to such groups.

Currency Exchanges: The system provides full disclosure to the total cost of the transaction including exchange rates and gives businesses a way to conduct transfers between accounts with different currencies easily.

Funds Delivery Confirmations: Businesses can elect to receive delivery reports whenever they institute funds transfers, even when initiated in a batch. .

Enterprise Integration

Enterprise directory: If you already manage user accounts in an enterprise directory such as Active Directory or Open LDAP, Simhela Platform can integrate with it for authentication or user profile attributes. Advanced capabilities even let you use groups in Simhela or leverage several directories at the same time.

ERP Integration: Integration modules are provided for some of the more common ERP Software.

Standards: Simhela Platform is built using enterprise-standard tools and protocols such as ISO 8583 and ISO 20022 SWIFT Banking protocols.

EnterPrise Integration
Cloud ready

Cloud Ready

Multi-tenancy: Unique multi-tenancy support allows Simhela Platform to host several tenants in the same Simhela instance. Tenants coexist in the same cluster but are strictly isolated. Each tenant’s data is in its own database.

Elasticity: Simhela cloud infrastructure management cloud controller constantly monitors the load on the infrastructure and automatically adjusts the number of servers so that we can continue to deliver an optimal service in a cost-effective manner.


Simhela Platform can be connected to a variety of systems to augment its capabilities. Check out our add-ons center to discover the growing list of free connectors and integrations.



Connect and transact on the go.

Native iPhone, iPad, and Android apps integrate easily and securely with Simhela Platform.

Receive payment notifications, discuss payment agendas and approve or veto outgoing patments, and more – at any time, from anywhere.


Pricing Overview

Simhela Cloud

All the Simhela Platform features, hosted in the Cloud.

Ready to use Enterprise Payment Solution, ideal for small groups and projects, as well as large corporations, people who want to enjoy a full featured enterprise payments system without the hosting/maintenance pain. Who want to start quickly.

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  • Premium
  • Pricing
    Transaction Fees
    Simhela Platform Features
    Mobility Features
    Helpdesk Support
  • Free
    $0.5 per transaction

  • Monthly
    $3 per user
    $0.5 per transaction

    Complete, with Android App
    Prioritized service
  • 3 Years
    $72 per user
    1 year offered!
    $0.5 per transaction

    Complete, with Android App
    Prioritized service


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Simhela Co. Ltd is a Limited Liability company registered in Kenya. It was founded in 2013 with a vision to become the preferred payments routing platform in the world.

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